Do you want to do hosting work as an affiliate? I do not advise anyone regarding this job. I just want to share my experiences. I had my own hosting company a long time ago. I was selling under a domain. I had my own dedicated servers. Then I transferred the company.  

Starting Your Hosting Business

Good money can be earned from this job. If it wasn’t like that, there would not be so many companies. For the Internet to exist, information must be distributed from some place. Web servers do this job, and even a simplest blog requires a server. Of course, the web hosting business will continue as long as the internet.

If you want to sell without a company, I suggest you start as affiliate. I’ll explain this later. (Continue to read below …)



Winner affiliate

Let’s say you have established a legitimate company and want to sell. First of all, you should rent a server. Linux server prices start at $ 80 per month. If you will sell services on a Windows server and you must add an operating system price of about $ 40. These prices are vary according to the server features. Linux servers are mostly sufficient. It can run programming languages like PHP, CGI, ruby. Sites that use php like WordPress make up the vast majority of the internet. For sites, Windows is required. Although it is possible to run with linux, 4.0 is incompatible. (With Mono project)
If this server price is too much for you, you can buy cheaper VPS servers or even cheaper reseller packages. You can upgrade later.

Control panel for Hosting Service

cPanel  vs Webmin

What you need to decide next is the control panel. There are many options such as cPanel, webmin, Plesk, Hepsia. A control panel allows you to reseller and manage users’ accounts. Using this, you can keep customer information, create hosting packages and install them automatically. It is very difficult to manage a server without a control panel. 

Receiving payments from customers

How Affiliates earn money

Of course, if you sell online, you will accept payment by credit card. This is a sufficient option for those who live in a country where Paypal is valid. You can do everything with it. Or you can be a member of a system that accepts credit cards. Such as Paypal , Avangate, 2CO, Clickbank. Meanwhile, 2CO is a terrible company. I say stay away.
If you are going to offer a money back option, there are things to consider. I think a refund is necessary. Increases sales.
You will incur some money with every money back. Each payment system receives some commission from you at the time of purchase. Example is 2.5% + $ 1. You can’t get this on refund. So the customer gets all of his money back, but you can’t get the commissions and deductions.

Server maintenance and continuous monitoring

Servers may fail too because they are also computers. Especially if you are not experienced in linux, you should definitely get a technical support service. If the sites remain offline for a long time as a result of malfunctions, your customers will get angry. Even if there is a loss of data, your phones start ringing. Frustrated customers advertise 10 times more than happy ones. Of course as bad advertisement.
You should also make sure that the server is running 24/7/365. Uptime below 99% is not acceptable. Monitoring programs are available to ensure this. Sometimes one site uses too high resources to prevent others from running . It may even cause the server to crash. You should learn to distribute resources such as CPU, Ram fairly. If you take a managed server or reseller plan as a remedy, you will not bother as these maintenance will be done by datacenter. Just focus on sales.

Possible problems include what

PHP version incompatibilities, customers running malicious commands via SSH, spamming, viruses, and illegal content.

Advertising Costs are Hidden Drain

The methods you will use for selling may differ. The most used methods, social media posts, (such as Facebook, Pinterest), PPC (Pay per click) ads and search engine ads (Example: Google Ads). Hosting advertising prices for Google Ads are skyrocketing. You must pay at least $ 5 per click for the first page ad. If the average conversion rate is 1 percent, you will have a cost of $ 500 for a sale. Unbelievable but true. That’s why I say forget the first page. You need to find a way to pay less, focusing on words that are rarely used. This is an art in itself and it is good to give it to the expert. You may have seen the conversion rate low. On average, a customer enters and exits your site 7 times before purchasing. If he hasn’t added your site as a bookmark, he clicks on the ad each time and costs you money. Therefore, you should set a limit per click and a daily spending limit. The sample is enough for $ 0.5 per click and $ 50 per day. By watching this for a while, you gain time to learn the system. With my own experience, I can say this. For every $ 1000 sale, I first advertised $ 500. The return of this advertising expense takes 2-3 months.

Another Headache : Fake Orders 

There are too many fake orders in the world of hosting. It is necessary to pay attention to the shopping made with stolen or fake credit cards produced by the programs. A fraud control system will mark most of these orders. It is still possible to miss. If it missed once, you will recognise it  when you can not get paid, that is 2 months later. During this time, the person uses the server and who knows what he does.
There are simple controls you can make yourself. Search the social media by registered email and search for evidence that this person is real. If necessary, call the person. If the name on the credit card is fake, the phone is probably fake. Or ask this person to send some documents such as passport picture and identity.

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What is a Hosting Reseller

Hosting Reseller

In summary, a hosting reseller is the agent who buys and resells the server, space or services sold by a hosting location provider. It usually divides the rented server into subdivisions and presents it to its customers under its own brand. Many large hosting companies also do this by renting servers in blocks from the datacenters. Datacenters are located wordwide and hosted. I mean, they’re also a sort of resellers.

What is a reseller’s benefits

If resellers choose a good program they can resell an unlimited number of Web Hosting or VPS Plans (or others) using provider’s turnkey system. As a reseller they build their own packages and prices .Thanks to the provider’s turnkey system ,we can focus only on sales with technical details and customer support. I’m going to promote some of the sites I used myself here.  We eliminated these programs between tons of scam systems.

However, it is possible to encounter many fake and shoddy sites and lose time and money when searching for such a system on the Internet. I’m going to promote some of the sites I use myself here.

Freelancer Affiliate


A UK based company (LiquidNet Ltd.) offers free full automatic hosting services affiliate program that supports tier-2 subsidiary (affiliate) commissions. I have been a long time a member of and earn good money from. They provide web hosting services with cPanel Linux ,virtual host servers (VPS) Full Dedicated, semi dedicated, managed servers,  such as products such as SSL, domain name, as well as all the materials that will be required to set up a website is sold together.. Affiliates can earn life time income from their clients.

Every affiliate have a fully customized and fully branded theme based site. They can use own nameservers , also buy dedicated IP’s to use own SSL certificates. On the other hand they use own websites and link order forms through ready-to-use remote forms or they can use remote API’s on their completely customized site to manage everything themselves.

You can choose from many good themes prepared by the company. Color, layout, titles can be changed. And you don’t even need a hosting account for that. It is enough to direct only domain dns to the necessary addresses.

With dozens of WordPress themes and plug-ins by LiquidNet, even more diverse designs can be created with an even different approach. You need a hosting account for this.

If you have a ready-made site and want to sell here without changing the design, you can link to the system from your own site using remote forms or api.

Membership in the LiquidNet system is free of charge. So you don’t have to buy anything before you sell it. You can click on the link below to become a member.

Join as free Reseller

LiquidNet cPanel Program

As a webmaster, if you want to host many sites and distribute them to your customers, take a look at this program. With cPanel’s web host manager you can host multiple sites. As we are in early 2020, you can host 5 accounts with 5 USD per month. These accounts include unlimited websites, unlimited harddisk space and traffic.

  • Disk Space: Unlimited
  • Hosted Domains: Unlimited
  • Hosting Accounts: 5
  • Monthly Traffic: Unlimited
  • FREE Dedicated IP Address

Serverblue & ResellerClub

Another major reseller company, ResellerClub, offers completely similar systems. A lot of what I said above goes for that, too.  However, some deposits are required during membership. This is then used when a customer makes a purchase. So the customer pays you, you pay to ResellerClub. Click here to join.

Windows and Linux Hosting packages, VPS, rental servers, SSL, domamain and many different internet services can be sold.

Everyone may join to this program and Sell Domain Names, Hosting Packs ,VPS ,Dedicated server Plans and many variety of Internet Services.

ResellerCluster (Pagerank 4)

Yet another hosting reseller company. Here is our affiliate page to sign up. Also you can see our example site